Grecian Delights started for the Gill Family, 7 years ago. And yes, as you can see...we are not Greek. Why Greek?  First of all, we had a passion to be in the Booths Corners Farmers Market, due to it's family feel and good reputation.  We also had a passion for Greek and Mediterranean food. Due to the cuisines' wonderful fresh flavors and ability to eat heart healthy along with being able to taste fabulous!! So many simple and wonderful recipes can be made with Feta alone... but I digress...

The food industry has been in our blood for many many years. My father taught hotel and restaurant management for over 17 years and my mother ran weddings and banquets so well, guests would special request her to run their parties. I grew up helping in every capacity available,  from doing coat check, to waitressing, to food prep, doing catering sales,
but my biggest contribution was the  entrepreneur in me and convincing my parents we could make a go at running our own place. We also have a passion for eating healthily and felt strongly in providing a venue where customers could have the option to get a quick meal that is also flavorful and healthy.

Learning how to cook food from a different culture was slightly challenging. Luckily my father was an awesome chef, as well as the previous owners, Gus and Mary, being  gracious enough to let us work with them for two months. With their expert training, and lots of practice, we were able to learn all of the recipes.  As time went on, we eventually felt comfortable enough to make some of our own additions, focusing mostly on adding healthy alternatives. The only additional fat we add to our pita paninis is extra virgin olive oil (which we all know is good for us), we bake and drain the fat from our Gyros and even in our pastries we try to use minimum amounts of butter.  The best part is, the flavor is not affected at all, in fact, the flavor is actually enhanced by stripping away any extra fat and you are able to eat a meal without feeling stuffed or guilty

                           Thank you for viewing our website and please come join us at Grecian Delights as often as you can...We love increasing our list of  "regulars" .   In fact all the pictures you see here were taken by Chris, one of our regulars who comes up and  gets the Pastitsio whenever possible.