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Homemade Hummus 

$4-with Grilled Pita

$5-Deluxe humus platter - Feta, Kalamata Olives,
Cucumber & Tomato and grilled pita

$5- Hummus veggie platter - homemade Hummus with carrots,cucumbers,& celery for dipping

Fresh-Made Salads

$6 Greek- Romaine mixed with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Feta, Kalamata Olives, and Red Onion

$4 Peasant- Large Chunks of: Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion and Feta tossed with a red Wine Vinaigrette

$5 Spinach Salad - with Feta and Roasted Red Peppers, Tomatoes and Kalamata Olives and feta with Pesto vinaigrette

$7.5 Mediterranean-  Mixed Greens, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Marinated Chicken Breast, and Feta with a Basil Vinaigrette Dressing 

Add:  $1-Tuna Salad  
$1.5-Marinated Chicken   $2-Gyro Meat

Gyros: -$6.5
Opa!! Now that's a sandwich!!
Topped with tomato, onion and scallions along with Tzadziki (homemade cucumber garlic sauce)

  • Traditional(beef/lamb)
  • Seasoned Chicken
Pita Sandwiches -$6.50

Grilled Chicken - marinated Grilled Chicken Breast topped with lettuce, tomato, and Tzadziki

Hummus Pita - With hummus ,Feta,cucumbers,tomato and lettuce

Everything mentioned above (including gyros) come with a side of Orzo Pasta Salad,Potato Chips or peasent salad

**Side Greek salad added to any sandwich instead of side offered - $1.50 additional

Too Busy to make dinner??

Dont just keep the yummy Gyros to yourself...Quick, easy and fun!

Bring home the Gyro dinner and bring some Opa!!! to the table tonight!

Gyro Dinner includes:

  • Gyro Meat
  • Tzadziki
  • Tomato, Onion and Scallion Mixture
  • Pita Bread and Gyro Sleaves
  • Family Style Greek Salad
  • Baklava
2 ppl - $18   / 4ppl - $35    / 6 ppl $52 
Grilled Pitaini - Pita-ini) - $6.5

(Panini on a hand-tossed Pita)
Includes a side of Orzo, tomato, Pesto Pasta Salad,Potato Chips or peasent salad

**Side Greek salad added to any sandwich instead
of side offered - $1 additional

Zeus - grilled Chicken, fresh Spinach and Provolone, topped with a house special Spinach Spread

Gladiator - Grilled Chicken, Tomato, Bacon and Provolone with Garlic Mayo

Opa - Turkey, Fresh Spinach and Feta, topped with a house special Roasted Red Pepper Spread

Apollo - Grilled Chicken, fresh Spinach, Tomato, Feta topped with Tzadziki

Greek Whopper - Gyro meat, Feta, Lettuce, Onion, Tomato with Tzadziki

Mediterranean Veggie - Loads of fresh Spinach, Tomato, Roasted red Pepper, Mushroom and Feta

Classic Veggie - Loads of fresh Spinach, Roasted Red Pepper, Mushroom and Provolone, topped with Roasted Red Pepper spread

 Baked falafel - 2 patties served on pita toped with tomato ,lettuce, red onion and tzatziki

 Sparta - Roast beef,mushroom & swiis with garlik aioli

Venus - Grilled chicken,spinach,mushrooms and feta


Make your own Pitaini

Choose 1 type of meat, Two veggies, and 1 Cheese:

*Turkey, Roast Beef, Chicken or Tuna
*Roasted Red Peppers, Jalapenos, Kalamata olives, Spinach, Tomatoes, Sauteed Onions or Mushrooms
*Feta, Mozzarella, American, Provolone, or Swiss Cheeses

Sweet tooth

$1.25 Baklava -Rich and gooey

$0.75 Kourampiees - Greek wedding cookie(butter cookie with slivers of almonds coated with powdered sugar)

$3.00 Thick and creamy Greek yogurt - mixed with honey or imported Greek cherry preserves
** $3.50 w/walnuts
Extra Fun...
(Please give at least one days notice)

Party Special - $60

    (feeds- 9-12 ppl)
  • Hummus or Feta Spread and Pita
  • Extra-Large Family Size Greek Salad
  • 1/2 Pan of Pastitsio
  • Baklava

Make your own Gyro Party - $9pp
                  (minimum 5 ppl)
  • Gyro Meat
  • Tzadziki
  • Tomato, Onion and Scallion Mixture
  • Pita Bread and Gyro Sleeves
  • Family Style Greek Salad
  • Baklava

Party Trays

Tapas Party

You choose your own house-made hummus, feta spread, served with fresh Veggies (of your choice) and grilled pita bread.
      Sm (serves 10-15) -$35        Lg (serves 20-25) -$55

Dessert Trays

Variety of Greek Cookies
Baklava, Katifi, Nut Rolls, and Kourumbiethes- (almond cookies covered in powdered sugar)

        Sm (32 pcs) -$20              Lg (56 pcs) -$35